Heather Lipe
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider and Evaluator

Heather Lipe is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider and Evaluator. She graduated from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Social Work. 

Heather has experience providing individual, family, and group counseling in a variety of different settings with adolescents and adults. Her previous roles include being a community case manager at a local mental health agency, a therapist for adolescents and adults in inpatient psychiatric settings, a forensic social worker, and a therapist to individuals at the intersection of mental health and the criminal justice system. 

Heather's philosophy is to work alongside individuals to ensure resources and approaches are appropriately matched with the needs that are identified. In her work with individuals, she uses an approach to therapy, which combines aspects of different schools of thought to meet the need(s) of clients in an individualized and client-centered manner. People who she has worked with have made great strides and found success when using trauma focused approaches (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Motivational Interviewing techniques. 

Throughout the different clinical roles in her career, she recognized one very important commonality that guides her practice-people thrive when they are met with genuine support, encouragement, direction, validation, and hope. Heather approaches work with clients with an attitude of acceptance, support, openness, trust, and understanding. 

Heather feels like it is an honor to be invited into the lives of individuals during a vulnerable and uncertain time. Her goal is to allow you the space and resources you need to succeed in a way that is self-defined and tangible. When you leave therapy, her hope is that you have an arsenal of tools that will prove useful in your day-to-day life and help you to manage future unforeseen happenings.