Couples Counseling

We provide couple and marriage counseling for couples who are dating, living together, engaged or thinking about it (or stuck on the verge), who are married, or partnered. We are proud to be an LQBTQ+ provider of services to couples of all sexual orientations.

Our partners can evoke the greatest joy and connection in us, as well as the deepest sadness and anger. This mystery can be hard to understand, especially if the negative seems to outweigh the positive. In couple’s therapy, people work to understand their unique partnership.

Common issues couples work on in therapy:

  • Communication skills
  • Boundary setting
  • Crisis prevention
  • Intimacy differences
  • Parenting
  • Decision making to support the relationship rather than undermine it
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Sexual issues/challenges 

Again, each couple has unique strengths and challenges which make couples therapy different for everyone. The deeper work often involves each partner understanding his or her own family-of-origin influences, as well as their partner's. Seeing how these early influences play out in their current relationship can aide in understanding people’s “buttons.” Often times, couples will work to better understand those seemingly small issues that elicit big emotional reactions. By knowing each other's "buttons" and dealing with them in a compassionate way, couples learn to work through a situation rather than get into a fight.