Adult Counseling

You probably already know that something is bothering you if you have come to our website. There is either something you no longer want in your life (like anxiety, addiction, depression, loneliness, or anger) or something you want to change (such as your behaviors, thoughts, careers, healthy relationships). If this is true, and you have the desire to change it, you may be ready for therapy.

In individual counseling you will work with your therapist to understand what is making you uncomfortable in your life. You may know what is making you uncomfortable before seeing your therapist or it may take you some time to figure it out. You then work together to understand what is needed to make change, and your counselor will support you in your goals. The change that takes place during therapy is self-inflicted; only you know what does not feel right in your life. Your therapist will provide you with feedback about their experience of you, but will not judge who you are as a person. You will work together with your therapist to develop insight and deeper understanding of the problem, and part of this understanding may be that you talk about other people in relationship to you. However, the place where you have the most leverage is within yourself.

In your therapy, you may be challenged on your deeply-held beliefs you hold of yourself. Often times deeply held beliefs about the self can lead to a lot of self-inflicted, unintentional pain. You will work with your therapist to better understand your beliefs about who you are in the world. Every person has the potential for a fulfilling life. In therapy, you will look within, understand your own beliefs, decide what holds meaning in your life, and embrace change.   

If you are interested individual counseling, you will go on a unique journey with your therapist. No two people’s therapy is the same, as therapy is an exploration of the self. Congratulations for being courageous and considering therapy, it can be hard to reach out and ask for help. The journey can be very beneficial.